Monday, September 10, 2007

Half done

I can't believe I haven't posted anything this entire month. So, I had a house lovely sister...went on a short trip to visit my dad, and sprained my knee..crutches..blechh..went to Las Vegas and tried to demo for Product Performers..came home and am now waiting for my sports medicine doctors visit. I guess that kept me pretty busy. But, I've also been playing and wanted to share a few bits and pieces I've been working on...

This is a chipboard tag, sprayed with the Memories Mists and chalk inks. The flourish is done with Dreamweaver stencil paste. I am going to cover the white with the Gluepad and Gold metal leafing..that is the plan for now..

I've also been playing with the black Gluepad some are a few pics illustrating the "painting with powders" I love to do.. Here I'm going for Space..the Decorative Frontier..

This is a piece of chipboard covered with the black Gluepad and heated till tacky..
Here I have added pieces of metal leafing, and drops of metallic accent powders..

A close up of the powders, glitters and leafing..I've swirled some of the powders to resemble a planet..
Here are some silver metal stars I've punched out of chipboard, using a diecut machine..too much fun..the silver chipboard was made with the gluepad and silver metal leafing..

This is the front of a chipboard Gluepad and some metallic powders..
Check back to see how this one turns out!