Monday, October 15, 2007


So the knee is definitely a torn acl..I'm just waiting on the physical therapy. Luckily I'm feeling better and mobile enough to start working on some new projects. I've been pendant crazy lately..I love the patterns being made with the metal leafing, the Palette gluepad..a little lacquer...

These are on wooden discs, decorated with the gluepad and metal leafing, some glitter and Palette Metallic inks. I wore the black one when I was in England..the rectangles are recycled metal stickers, I popped off the tacky epoxy stickers..redecorated and covered in lacquer. I especially like the fortune cookie fortune one..definitely going to do more of those!
These started as blank metal locket type pendants. I glued in a flat back mini, from, and then covered with lacquer. Up close you can see a fun layer of background paper underneath each charm.

This is a wooden disc keychain..I used a photocopy pic from my parents wedding..and gluepad decorated over and around it..aww..


jenny said...

holy crap elaine these are so cool! i love the rectangle ones, can you make me one? the keychain and mini pendants are too cool. you killl me.