Tuesday, January 15, 2008

As the Crow Flies

I've just bee arting like crazy...got to get ready for CHA! I just got this great stencil from Dreamweaver, Crows on a line. I had a burst of ideas...I finally put together some of background papers, stamps, stencils and rub ons I've been collecting. I have to say, I love the availability of all of the bird motifs...Love the Birds!

On a seperate note..I got a gift certificate for Copperfields Bookstore for Giftmas..and I bought an awesome book. It's called Post Secret. It's based on a project where people handmade postcards, wrote out a secret they've never told anyone, or themselves, and then sent it in to Frank Warren, anonymously. It's incredible. The feel is so real. I guess that there are now four books..I got the first one..and need the next three. Now I know why the guys at Found! are always talking about this...check it out