Monday, April 7, 2008

Glue Smoosh

I had meant to do a new video this weekend..the Glue Smoosh. Spent the weekend walking around San Francisco with my husband, instead. It is so different than my little suburban town..where else but a big city would you see an extemperaneous drum parade? or a solo saxaphone playing to an empty street? Love it. My next trip will have pictures..:)

So this sample here is a little preview of the Glue Smoosh. It's hard to tell with this scan, but the wings and where the stars are..that's all reflective metallic. I drew over the top with a .001 Micron pen, only just tracing over lines that were already there..I'll definitely be doing more of these!


Cory said...

Love this piece as well as the other tags you have been doing...
I do another very similar technique that I have not posted yet...maybe soon.


jenny elwick said...

stunning! absolutely gorgeous! the small pic does it no justice, click on it big! i love it!
more please:)