Tuesday, June 24, 2008

George 2, because one day is not enough

I had the great honor to meet George Carlin just a few years ago. He did a book signing at Copperfields, in advance of a Luther Burbank show. In fact, after that trip was when he entered re-hab..always thought a bender in Napa might have put him over the brink. That or the crack...but, really, he was such a nice man! OMG..the things people will say to a famous man, it was fun just to stand on line and hear him interact. He told the teenage boy in front of me that he ought to lighten up a little. I think the kid was in awe. I mean, George f-in Carlin. In person. In Petaluma. When it was my turn, he called me Butterfly Girl because of a barrette I had in my hair. I think I made some crack to him about the mute boy before me..I don't really remember..I too was in awe.
Here's a link to one of my all time favorites, the differences between Football and Baseball..classic!


Diane said...

That was great! I hadn't seen that before. Such a terrible loss...so nice of you to pay tribute..Thank You!