Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Craftober Review

I'm finally getting back on the ball...long weekend, sister in living in town, beautiful fall many distractions from the computer! :) But I'm back with pictures from this last weekend's Sacramento Craft Mafia Craftoberfest...Ali, Cheryl and I headed up to J and 20th streets, to the News and Review parking lot, to show off our goods and hang with our Mafia cousins..

While we were finishing up the set up, this biker showed up with spokecards! I've been making these, from Ed's suggestion,..they are too fun! A little cardstock and a laminator and you're ready to go! I've made Obama ones, Frankenstien ones, this gentleman bought a smoosh one! They are toooooo fun! He let me get a picture..after I jumped up and yelled..Somebody who knows what spokecards are for...his answer- "For fun!". Love it!

This bike belongs to a patient momma waiting for her daughter to get her face painted. I saw the bike and ran over...can I get pictures?? She laughed, said yes and told me the bike would be signing autographs at 3...

One thing about outdoor shows...the WIND is a killer. Look at all of Ali's embroidery whipping was crazy! I spent one hour just standing up holding on the tent so that it wouldn't fly away..:)


Diane said...

Love Frankenstein!