Friday, January 30, 2009

CHA 2009-part one

To get things a little started..CHA was a whirlwind. Jen, my mom, Ed and I drove down on sunday and drove back on tuesday. In between we met a lot of really nice, really crafty folks, ate some really good food. I'd never had the red clam chowder before..omg. Love it! Thanks to the Crab Cooker and Carole, in Newport Beach...:) Ed and I demoed for CHA in their premier Indie Craft Innovations booth. Me thinks there is a lot of work to do to make this a thriving section..but there is certainly enough talent to make it happen! :)

Well..I have to keep it short to job 3. I'll post more later..and if you're in the San Francisco area..Ed and I will be hosting another demo at Cliff's Variety Store in the Castro, from 1-3..tomorrow! Hope to see you there!