Saturday, February 14, 2009

V-Day Confessions

So as part of my new year's resolution, I am going to share a few more of my personal thoughts and things...and stuff like that. :) As it is Valentine's day and my dearest husband his shaving before he takes me on a shopping spree at my favorite thrift store..I have a few moments to share with you one of my greatest loves. I know, I know..bear with me. This video is of a song that I used to not only sing outloud, to my sister's chagrin, but I would record myself singing just the females part of the song and use my walkman to record the male verse..yes, this is how I stayed out of trouble as a youth..partly.

I used this anime version..kind of fun. I saw the San Francisco production in the early 90' 10 times. French club. :) I still sing this in the shower..well, and also Eponine's On my own..mon favorite!

Much love to my husband, my family and all my friends!!