Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cardboard saved me

So, I had a challenge from Ed at Stencil 1..to posterize some stencil images. It took about a week for me to get dirty, as I have been a sewing fool for the past few months. But I was sure glad to get my hands on some sprays again! :) This little cutie is on a 5" square piece of cardboard..my surface of choice for this project. I was looking around for my large cardstock..couldn't find any, so a little rip here, a little box cutter there..and voila, canvases! I painted this one with a square of white acrylic paint, let it dry and then let loose with some Stencil 1 spray action. Once the colors dried, in the sun it took but just a few minutes, I then stenciled the Birch Tree and the deer, in white paint..removed the stencils, added some color and then stenciled back on top in black..pop! :)...and a big thank you to the gorgeous photo from sister Jen! :) love ya..


Diane said...

That's adorable! Hope all is well with you:>)