Tuesday, August 26, 2008

atc Backgrounds

I picked up some illustration board atc's, back when I did the first Kidsfest at Flax. Turns out the surface is great with the mists..you can do some fun smoosh effects, solid backgrounds with neon splashes..a whole host of fun stuff. I used the pink one for the above piece..added a little bit of digi art and some type..

Here are four fun backgrounds that I welcome you to save, print out and use in your own art! I, of course, would love to see what you come with!! :)


Moxieville said...

These are just beautemous, E! Very cool.

You make it look easy!


Diane said...

Hi Elaine, These are great! Really beautiful & such a variation of looks. I posted a couple of smoosh pics today. I can't find the Neon colors anywhere. AM will not be selling them, per Linda.
Also, thank you for allowing us to use your wonderful backgrounds. Hugs!

Cory said...

Hi Elaine..Love the abstract with the digi work...it's a lovely piece.

Elaine Elwick Barr said...

Thanks gals!! It's nice to put photoshop to fun use, after all of the real work!! ;) e