Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Find 003

and a Happy 8808 to everyone!! I went to my favorite thrift store this morning...they are moving and having a 50% off everything sale! I found this picture album, complete with this family's 1969 vacation to Hawaii. There were a couple of others..but I opened this album and the top photo fell out! Is that expression priceless or what? It was all mine for a 2 dollars and 25 cents...yippee.
Now, I realize I haven't been posting much artwork..seems like I've been doing a lot, but nothing I've been dying to share. I'm working on designing my own line of stencils..I'm open to suggestions..hint..hint..
My husband and I recently spent the afternoon with Ed from Stencil 1, putting together some stenciling footage for a video spot. I'll post that on my youtube page as soon as it's done. Here's a 'behind the scenes' shot of Ed prepping a t shirt;
This is what we made..a fun trio of gifts..a stenciled t-shirt, packaged in a coordinating canvas bag with greeting card..


jenny elwick said...

those pics you found are hilarious! i can't wait to see the new video...and your own stencil line!?!?!?!? can't wait for that either!

Diane said...

Those pictures look fabulous, Elaine. What a find. I have to tell you...I do miss seeing your artwork posted:( but hearing that you're working on your own stencil line makes me very happy. That is awesome. I'll definitely be following up on that. As usual, the cats are absolutely adorable!