Monday, July 28, 2008

Flax Kidfest

This past saturday I attended Kidsfest at Flax in San Francisco. I gave temporary ink tattoos to the childrens...I had a great time!

she just loved her smiley cheek...too cute!

I had a moment or two of no's a view of the Chronical Books table where they were making Spoon Puppets..that looked like a lot of fun!

tools of the trade...clear tattoo stamps and some tattoo markers..

This little girl was too cute. She asked me if she could have more than one stamp and I said, sure you can have two, three, four..she says, "My dad said I could have, I mean, he said I could have 6." and 6 she got..when I asked to take a photo of all her cool tattoos..she made this pose. Reminds me of a young me..always ready to pose..:)


jenny elwick said...

this looks like so much fun!!!

Diane said...

This looks like a blast! These kids are adorable. This has to be one of my very favorite stores.