Tuesday, December 2, 2008

11 days to Craftacular-Spotlight Gabby

With just eleven days to go, that's just one week and four days..:) I'm spotlighting one of our musical acts, Gabby LaLa. My husband and I first saw her perform at a New Year's show with the Les Claypool Fancy Band. It was at the Fillmore in San Francisco, if I remember correctly..anyhow, I do remember her..she came out on to the stage in a tiger mask and tap danced her opening rythym..she started singing her song about the Butter and Eggs day parade, a Petaluma Hometown annual, and I was hooked. So kooky and fun, entertainment at it's purest. Well, she not only is performing at the Craftacular, but she will also have a booth of her craft goodies! This is one part of the show I absolutely cannot wait for!! :)

this is a little doodle I did after the last time my husband and I went to see her perform..


jenny said...

yay gabby! cant wait for the show and to see all your goodies and hard work:)