Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Craftacular in only FOUR days

You'd think I'd be freaking out a little bit..just a bit. But I'm feeling pretty good. I was going through my 'stock' yesterday with the sis..and man, do I have a lot to bring! Paintings, t-shirts, jewelry, greeting cards, magnets, spokecards...oy. Plus all the stencils, paints and sprays. I think we'll have a good day. These are a couple of the new jewlery pieces I've been working on. Love combing metals, chains and german minis!!

I'm also going to be spraying shirts on demand. If you bring me a pre washed t shirt of sweathshirt, tote bag..I'll spray it with your choice of Stencil 1 stencil-for only 5 bucks. Don't have a shirt you want to embellish? I'll have some blanks to spray as well! :)

remember....December 13th 11-5, Holiday Craftacular!!