Tuesday, May 5, 2009

200th Post- Dom Deluise Tribute

I had all of these grand plans for my 200th post...until I saw this news on yahoo. I am a Mel Brooks fan from way, way back. Love me some History of the World, Producers, Twelve Chairs..etc..and am also a fan of big cheese..like Cannonball Run. :) I've always loved Dom and everything he's in..that squeezable teddy bear with his wonderful laugh. My crush may have started with the Muppets..but wherever it began..it began. and I'm saddened by his passing, as it is more of a reminder of the people we love and lose. and if you haven't seen Cannonball Run..just watch it. It's hilarious.


Diane said...

What a wonderful picture of Dom. It's a sad day in the world of comedy, that's for sure! Lovely tribute, Elaine.

Ed said...

I have his autograph. He draws a funny face in the "O". A funny man.

Elaine Elwick Barr said...

Thank you Diane..I'm working on making some changes..good ones..to my two blogs. You've inspired me! :)

and Ed...Lucky!!! ;)