Thursday, November 1, 2007

10 items or less

So a few years ago, I had a dream come to me from a friend who had recently passed away. Her name was Devon and she was the funniest gal I knew. We worked together at Stampa Rosa, she taught me everything I needed to know when I first started stamping..anyhow, she had this real wicked sense of humor and one of her favorite movies was Waiting for Guffman. The day after she died, I was flipping through the channels..depressed and bored. and there, on commercials..was Guffman. I thanked her. That night I had this dream about a really funny movie based on the ins and outs of the grocery store business. It featured Parker Posey..she even had a funny one liner...So I started writing this script and quickly got bored and buried it. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw an episode of 10 Items or Less. This show was on TBS for one season..and was all about this little grocery store, run by a bunch of crazies..same story. Same humor. Well, today I found the website for the comedian who wrote and starred in the show..and you have to check him out. He just finished an off broadway show..and the clips from it are hilarious! I don't often laugh out loud while sitting at the computer..but he's funny. Good go..check him out...