Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New Mists Technique

So I was going to hold on to this one for the show and catalog..but it was so much fun to do that I woke up this morning and made a few more. Something this fun is hard to keep secret!
This piece started out as a white piece of mat board that I randomly stamped with different images. I used any color inkpad that struck my fancy..this one has Memories Dye Orange, Teal, Palette Hybrid Noir and Chartreuse. Make sure to stamp only a few image in black (noir), as these ones really pop. After stamping, I laid down a die cut called Sisters, the image of the two girls. With this layered on top, I sprayed the whole piece with a combination of Memories Mists in Merlot and Lavender Tea..and finished off with our newest product that I am still testing..but, yes, we are working on Metallic Mists..and let me just tell you, they are awesome. They dry fast and are super sparkly with very minimal rub off. These won't be ready until next year..I'm still working on the packaging! But to emulate something similar until then..add a little bit of metallic powder (like pearl ex) to a pale ale or margarita mist. It works better with the lighter colors. This won't look exactly like what I've done above..but it will give a metallic sheen.
Anyhow, since this technique is new to me..I am very interested to hear what everybody thinks..let me know! I'm off to shop for some more die cuts..until later. e