Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No Pic Post Number 1

I wanted to post some new pics..I got all sorts of stuff in today (from to play with..but the camera batteries, instead, here is my first post with no picture.'s like a book with no pictures. Hmm.
Anyhow, I'm busy planning new product for work, making new art samples for the catalog and the trade show booth. I spent today redesigning three inkpad logos..I'll show you those when they are ready..Plus, I've been getting into all sorts of side projects, including felt animals with spangles, chipboard and mask fabric decorating, cleaning my house..yup, side project for sure.
My husband and I also had the chance last weekend to see Feist in concert, at the masonic temple in San Francisco. What a great show! I spent all of my royalties from last quarter on the tickets..and it was worth it! They had a neat backdrop, overhead projector thing-y going..using all sorts of die cuts. I felt right at home! It also made me think that I want to start cutting my own die cut designs. Time to break out that x-acto knife again.
Well the hubby is home..dinner time...Peace. :)