Saturday, August 11, 2007

August 11, 2007

"Stars fell like snow, under her

rainbow umbrella."

I was feeling especially ethereal when I made this card. Using the Black gluepad, I covered the woman diecut with metal leafing and metallic powders. I glued the stars on one by one. I just love the use of color. The rainbow was made from an opposite mask, and the gluepad with metallic person the sheen is absolutley gorgeous. I think I like this idea of crafting and poetry. Might try more of that..
Full shot with coffee filter roses and another black gluepad card. I'll try and get a close up of the background on the stars card..:)


djw9a said...

Love the stars piece! It's utterly gorgeous. Where did you find the stars chipboards?

elaine said...

The stars chipboard is from Making memories,it's part of a variety set of flowers and such..

Sandy said...

love the woman/rainbow card! very hippie-ish! i've never seen that diecut...great! sandyh

elaine said...

Thanks Sandy... I got the diecut at a scrapbooking show..they're from, I think. :)