Tuesday, August 21, 2007

August 20, 2007

I'm back from Washington and abuzz with inspiration and ideas. I had the chance to show a lot of store owners and their employees..and family, some of the products and techniques that I enjoy playing with. It's always fun to share and visit...This particular show was hosted by Stewart's sales reps, Tk and Associates. I love those guys. It was held at the heathman lodge in vancouver, quite lovely. I hope to do it again next year...
Here are a few more samples from this last CHA.

This 12 x 12 features memories mists on the tags. I also sprayed a few colors into their own caps and used them to paint with. They dry really, really fast, so they create a blotchy, kind-of watercolory look... I love the Whipped cream..the White mists. It creates a spectacular effect layered over the other colors..oh and the gorgeous picture was done by my sister..Jenny Elwick..you can google her for more great pics! I am NOT biased, she's Really, really good. She also took the portrait in the frame below,

...to help bring out that beautiful green background, I stamped the mat using both the original and the black gluepad. Both glue inks were heat set and then covered, or painted, with metallic pigment powders, like accent powders. The metallic constrast on the black gluepad is stunning in person, while the original gluepad offers a nice subtle background.

Oh and now my favorite baby, Lexi Pilkins...

Look at those cheeks..

This page is mostly an assemblage of different background papers, time to start using that stuff I can't help but collect. I sprayed a couple of shipping tags with the mists and then stamped them with the gluepads..a big thank you to my dear friend Mandy for the supply of the cutest baby photos ever!