Monday, August 13, 2007

More samples from the archives

I thought I would purge the samples from my "archives", you know those folders you hardly ever look at..:) This should help to make room to create more new a door and draw a window..
More black gluepad samples..this one is from the ad..the spiky flowers are stamped in Black and the rounded flowers are with the Original clear. I think they play well off of eachother..

This one was the result of an excited night of new toys. I am doing some artwork for a company that sells miniatures and glass glitter. So I had a bottle of sure tac, some decorative paper and ribbon, stickers, some white cards and a bunch of flat back minis. The mushrooms and elves are too fun! I'm working on some shadow boxes right now..will post those when I'm done.
Again! the wrong colors..must be a pattern..will figure out..later. So wrong colors..but more fun flat back minis!


Sandy said...

very nice samples! i love the little mushrooms and the gnome....i'll have to look for them!

elaine said...


or just search on

just be careful! there is soooo much fun stuff!

jayfur said...

i love these!!!!!