Tuesday, August 28, 2007


This is what I do when I'm not making stuff...

Ok, so those aren't really planets orbitng around the universe of Mac..it's my paper trash..such a messy crafter!

this is where Mac decided to "surf" on my mini ironing board...or bored.

and this is my favorite..kind of..Here Mac uses his exceptional girth to block my chair so that either I cannot sit down, if up, or get up, if sitting down. I made the mistake one day, while totally lost in photoshop..choosing out pics of you-know-who, of rolling backwards quite quickly without looking. All I heard was a yelp. A very high pitched yelp..and as I looked down, there was a gerbil sized wad of hair stuck under the wheel. Poor guy ran all of the way to the kitchen and with his sad, lion eyes staring at me, begging for pity, I opened the treat bag and gave him a double portion...I was going to say that he didn't learn anything because he still sits under the chair. But it has just dawned on me that he actually learned that to get double portions of his favorite treats..he only has to get half shredded by my rolling, office chair. Not so dumb after all....


jayfur said...

the cat to craft ratio was a little unbalanced.
you should craft him a rug to sit on.
it could be decoupage zoe!