Monday, August 13, 2007

I, Mac

Here are some pictures of a chipboard journal that I made for CHA Chicago, 2007.
I call it "I, Mac"...I should mention that I am totally in love with my cat. He is such a sweetie. We like to talk and gossip about my other cat, Zoe. (She likes my husband better..:)
I think he must have been a model in a past life..he LOVES to have his picture taken...
Anyhow, this book also features the Black and the Original Gluepad, with Metal Leafing, Metallic Powders and glitter. The photos aren't great quality..but I think you can get the gist..

The cover spine and front. Chipboard diecuts and alphabets, background paper and the black gluepad with Metal leaf and metallic powders.

Page one..look at that lion! What a face...

pages 2 and three feature stamping on background paper with the black gluepad and highlighting with glitters and metallic powders...

Sleeping angel...this chipboard diecut was covered with Palette white ink and then the original gluepad..while still wet, ultra fine prisma glitter was added and then heated. There is a beautiful rainbow glow..

...the purple spread, pages 6 to 7 feature the black gluepad again on background paper with copper metal leaf and accent powders.
The last page highlights the Black gluepad direct to the chipboard surface with the same ultra fine prisma glitter as the sleepy angel pages...same technique, totally different effect. Roar.

The back cover is just the black gluepad, direct to surface and then heated to activate...and covered in metallic powders...I didn't get the meow of approval for this one yet..not enough pages he says. :)


djw9a said...

What a gorgeous photo scrapbook/journal. Anyone that loves cats enough to make a photo album/journal just for them, is a first-rate person in my eyes. Love the cat. Love the layout, and the colors...WOW!!!

elaine said...

Thank you, you are too kind...:)